About Us

HINODDÉ is a French entrepreneurial initiative committed to meeting the specific electric lighting and energy needs of clients in Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean through standard or specific solutions which are effective and sustainable and adapted to local conditions.

HINODDÉ is an independent distributor and official partner of leading French manufacturers specialized in their field. HINODDÉ also depends on strong commercial relationships (partners and resellers), in order to widely promote its solutions and provide customer service.

HINODDÉ is also able to design smart public-private partnership plans, and mobilize appropriate funding and truly complementary partners.

Our vision

To contribute to the appropriation of the latest photovoltaic solar technologies by consumers and businesses, in order to optimize global energy consumption and significantly improve living conditions and productivity – while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Our mission

To contribute to “Energy Change” as a loyal and committed partner for our clients, suppliers, financial institutions and Funds, government agencies, etc., to guarantee the development of the best-suited and most cost-effective photovoltaic solar solutions.

Our values

To fulfil clients’ expectations through clear and comprehensive technical explanations specifying the real cost of investment (as well as potential savings over the life cycle of the products and systems being offered).

To always offer win-win deals to our clients both with standard products and customer-specific solutions.

To maintain relationships built on trust with all of our partners.

To interact with the community in a responsible manner.