Solutions HINODDÉ :
Autonomous Solar Lighting

365 nights of light

Totally independent from connected power grids, autonomous solar lighting is a unique opportunity to meet the overwhelming demand for public lighting in urban areas in Africa or insular areas such as the Caribbean, or for lighting on highways and main roads, airports or ports, remote, sensitive sites, etc.
Wherever lighting needs may be found, we have the ideal technical and financial solution to guarantee 365 nights of lighting per year.

The streets in our cities, public or private parking areas, commercial areas and centres, sensitive buildings, industrial real estate, housing complexes, major roads, isolated sites (industry, mining, telecommunications relays, customs or military outposts…) require more than just light. Every client today can expect a modern, sustainable and affordable solution to their specific needs or constraints concerning lighting.

Thanks to our innovative technologies, we can offer a 100% solar and autonomous alternative to traditional grid-bound lighting, meeting the current criteria for selective and affordable lighting from private and public decision-makers. 

Superior and guaranteed solutions

Icône panneau solaire

Self-cleaning monocrystalline or polycrystalline modules of varying power (125 Wp – 190 Wp – 250 Wp) are produced to optimize energy production including in the most severe climate conditions: this is why they have a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years.

The secure light and compact NiMH nickel alloy battery is temperature-resistant between -40°C and +70°C. It is designed for optimized energy storage, lasting 10 years (3 650 cycles) or more without maintenance.

The single or double arm lamp posts have high-performance, 120 ou 130 Lumen/Watt LED arrays, available at 20W, 30W, 60W or 80W. Lifespan of 12 years.
They can be installed on conical galvanized steel lighting columns (EN40 standard) measuring 4 to 8 meters – these columns can be manufactured locally in most countries.

French R&D and production.

5-year full product warranty.

... simple and intelligent

Icône équerre

The vertical integration of industrial processes makes component assembly and on-site lamp post installation exceptionally simple.

Icône formule

A calculator specially designed by the manufacturer continually adjusts consumption based on the battery’s available energy and the lighting needs specified by the client. This programmable calculator therefore controls the duration and intensity of lighting (avoiding blackouts).

3 tricks for cheaper lighting

  1. By discussing your practical requirements, we will discover together all of the options for energy efficiency – column height and spacing, luminous flux (lumen) or intensity, illuminance (lux/m2), colour temperature…
  2. We will carry out an in-depth solar study – based on the most reliable comparative meteorological data – enabling us to determine the most appropriate photovoltaic module and energy storage capacity for your location and needs.
  3. We will provide a photometric simulation study in order to build together the best possible combination of superior lighting performance and budget optimization.