Solutions HINODDÉ :
Commercial and industrial solar solutions


We believe hybrid solutions (grid linked to a photovoltaic system and/or a generator, batteries, a wind turbine or hydraulic system) to be a real opportunity for many providers in Africa, the Caribbean or French overseas departments to improve their performances through a more efficient energy supply.

Although there is no standard or established solution to pricey energy, severe disruptions, grid instability, outages and blackouts, a wide range of technical proposals offering sustainable viable alternatives are available today.

By expanding available energy resources, photovoltaic systems make it possible to offer a stable supply during the day (including during peak consumption periods) at a lower average cost. The higher daytime consumption needs are, the more farms, business firms or industrial sites will benefit from solar hybrid systems. Available space (on the ground or on roofs) in cities, industrial districts or rural areas is often enough to install the required number of photovoltaic modules.


Solar may be the missing link for total energy efficiency. Setting up a hybrid photovoltaic system challenges the existing model of electrical organization and consumption, to ultimately reach optimal lighting and electrical equipment use and deployment.

HINODDÉ will comprehensively study clients’ installations and consumption and listen to their specific needs, in order to offer the solution which best meets their requirements – to move from “nice to have” to “must have”.


  1. HINODDÉ will offer clients all of the useful information before measuring weekly consumption trends or studying any other such technical aspect.
  2. The pre-study offered by HINODDÉ will specify the recommended system size and architecture, as well as all expected costs.
  3. Although the specific solutions may be complex, HINODDÉ will always strive to simplify them for the client to thoroughly understand them and walk away with a win-win deal (best compromise between technical and financial optimization).