Solutions HINODDÉ :
Photovoltaic eco-architecture


In addition to prefabricated solar buildings, HINODDE offers other types modular construction, both energy-independent or connected, which offer innovative technical solutions and architectural ideas.

These buildings are composed of reclaimed and redesigned 10’, 20’ or 40’ shipping containers, offering 6 m2, 12 m2 or 25 m2 living spaces with a minimum clearance of 2.40 m, which can be paired, combined, and arranged according to clients’ needs: security lodge, offices, artisanal or retail shop, emergency housing, health centre, nursery or classroom, comfortable studio or base camp, mobile reception room or showroom…


Take advantage of prices 30% below those of traditional buildings
... with a ten-year warranty!


HINODDÉ’s partner, the French designer and manufacturer of these solutions, is an architect and manufacturer, with the capability to create surprisingly original, modern and high-quality products out of eco-friendly and affordable materials.

These solutions are prefabricated in workshops, reducing their assembly time, and enabling them to be disassembled and reconfigured later on.


The different standard versions of these constructions are designed to be installed on bare ground and include:

  • 10 cm glass wool insulation (floor, walls and ceiling),
  • pre-cut doors, windows and joints
  • pre-installed elements such as subframes for doors and windows, lintels + pillar and drainage sill
  • a 230 V electrical distribution system including main LV board, LED lights and built-in outlets. optional protective paint for the interior and exterior.

Energy autonomy is ensured through a photovoltaic installation including roof-mounted storage batteries tailored to customer requirements. Operation and autonomy monitoring are remotely managed.