Solutions HINODDÉ :
Prefabricated solar building


The prefabricated solar buildings offered by HINODDE are multi-use, energy-autonomous, modular construction kits. They produce and store the necessary power, potentially capable of total autonomy (24 hours a day) by combining photovoltaic modules on the roof and storage batteries in a protected compartment within the building.


This is an excellent solution for remote, humid or very warm areas, as well as in suburbs, for activities such as: shops, spare part, equipment or food storage, living or office spaces, clinics, classrooms or education centres, mobile showrooms, base camps, housing, etc.

A thorough industrial integration process allows prefabricated solar buildings to be produced and transported to the least accessible areas efficiently and affordably. Prefabricated solar buildings are a turnkey solution which can be assembled in less than 10 hours and installed on a concrete slab.

Assembly tools and guides are delivered with the kit.



  • Self-supporting galvanized steel frame, standardized rigidity and safety.
  • Galvanized sheet steel framing
  • 4cm polyurethane sandwich panel partitions
  • Aluminium doors
  • PVC windows and gutter
  • Galvanized steel + particle board flooring and floor covering (250 kg/m2 resistance)
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Integrated galvanized sheet steel roof with PVC gutter

  • 260/270 Wp aluminium-framed monocrystalline or polycrystalline modules with anti-theft clamps
  • Tamper-resistant screws
  • Splash and sand resistant
  • Inverter/charger, charge controller, battery monitor, wiring and protection integrated into a safety compartment
  • Ventilated room to avoid excessive heat which might damage the batteries.


French R&D and production.
10-year lifetime guarantee.












Prefabricated solar buildings can produce up to 11 kWh per day in the 10 m2 format – that is, L. 3840 x l. 2350 x h. 2570 mm (9 photovoltaic panel roof). Their configuration is customizable.

  • Building area can be increased (15 – 20 – 25 m2) as needed, allowing for more panels to be installed, increasing energy production
  • ‘L’, ‘T’ or ‘U’ assembly, combining several solar buildings
  • Roof extension as a photovoltaic canopy to increase a building’s solar capacity
  • Customizable door and window positioning and additions
  • An automatic diesel generator starter can be installed for hybrid solar/diesel use
  • Connexion to the public electrical grid
  • Integration of a real-time monitoring/reporting system and a production, consumption and billing analysis meter