Solutions HINODDÉ :
Hinodde solar generator

From 1 kWh/d to 15 kWh/d ... electricity within reach!

HINODDE has designed a range of seven compact, ready-to-use solar generators, able to meet the most diverse energy needs, from 1 kWh to 15 kWh per day.

HINODDE is sensitive to the crucial value of modern energy access (a minimum level of electricity for every household*) for economic and human growth in countries where only a small fraction of the population is connected to the public grid. This led to the design of reliable, sustainable photovoltaic generators which can withstand the most difficult environmental and operating conditions, while remaining easy to use and safe.

A contribution to sustainable development in the fields of
Education, Health, Safety, Food security, and Economic development.

Innovative solutions made to last

Although photovoltaic panels have a 25-year lifespan, this is not the case of the other components of a photovoltaic system. This is why HINODDE solar generators were specially designed as a cost-effective solution which can withstand the test of time – and avoid waste and premature repair or replacement.

Return on investment is ensured no matter its use or configuration in Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Generateur solaire


  • Precision-manufactured in French workshops and exclusive use of leading European components
  • Frame built on a 10° slope
  • Protective casing design integrates all electrical components – including the battery – and wiring
  • Complete electrical protection mechanism for equipment and user
  • Battery status display



  • Fast and secure installation, requiring no special technical skills
  • No risk of malfunction
  • Maximum safety and guaranteed durability
  • Resistant to temperature variations
  • Adapted to climate events
  • No special maintenance
  • Optimal performance year-round


The HINODDé range of solar generators includes five purely photovoltaic stand-alone solutions ranging from 300 W to 2 200 W, capable of producing up to 1 300 Wh/d and 3 900 Wh/day.

In addition to this line, two 3 kVA and 5 kVA hybrid solar generators can be connected to the electrical grid or coupled with power generators up to 3 and 7 kVA, for a maximum output of 6 kVA and 12 kVA.

  • Secure and simultaneous use indoors and outdoors
  • Ready for use with all household appliances
  • Compatible with more intensive or professional uses
  • H6 and H7 Hybrids to considerably increase input power and lifespan (up to 24h with the power grid)

The full line of HINODDE solar generators is also available with lithium (Li-Ion) batteries for a more intensive use and extended lifespan.



Rural or urban households not connected to the public grid, fishermen, farmers, rural communities, artisans and merchants in remote or extra-urban areas, public and private local services, urban and residential populations with additional power needs.


HINODDE solar generators comply with European CE safety standards. Certification of conformity issued by the Bureau of Control APAVE on 28/08/17.

Supplier warranties:

  • 20 years for the photovoltaic panels,
  • 5 years for all electrical components (converter, charge and battery monitors…),
  • 1 year for the batteries, the frame, the casing and electrical protection

“HINODDE solar generators” is a registered trademark.